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SAW Touch Panels

Royal Display is one of the leading SAW Touch Panel suppliers, wholesalers, stockists, and exporters in Mumbai, India sourcing products from trusted and reliable vendors. SAW Touch Panel Latest Price | SAW Touch Panel Datasheet Files | SAW Touch Panel Stocks | SAW Touch Panel Photos | SAW Touch Panel Compatible Models.

SAW Touch Panels Supplier

SAW is wireless, ensuring that it fits in the hard-to -reach parts of a machine, whilst providing accurate measurements without interfering with the process. A known sound wave is transmitted along both axes of the glass surface. When the finger or pen makes contact with the screen the sound wave is attenuated. Speed of sound is constant so time is used to determine the location of the attenuation in both the X and Y Axis. Simple transducers on a glass surface mean that there is nothing to wear out.

Features of Royal Display’s SAW Touch Panel:

  • All glass solution with no coatings to wear out
  • Highest Clarity, most durable touch screen solution
  • 4096 x 4096 resolution
  • Long life (50 million touches)
  • 7H hardness rating
  • Gloved finger, finger or stylus activation
  • Shielded connector and Outstanding clarity
  • Available in sizes from 8″ to 23″ diagonal CRT sizes also available

Royal Display is a custom SAW Touch Panel manufacturer serving OEMs across many markets and has extensive market and product development experience. SAW Touch Panels are available at Royal Display from industry leading manufacturers. Royal Display is a reliable SAW Touch Panel supplier and exporter in India. We operate worldwide, service products, configure, and also offer logistics support to deliver products and services competitively. Royal Display is an authorized distributor for many SAW Touch Panel manufacturers. 

Royal Display has built its reputation by offering advanced products and has a very wide range of standard SAW Touch Panel and is open for any customized display requests. The SAW Touch Panel have been in demand in industries such as for the measurement of instruments, Electronic Panels, ATM terminals, PoS terminals, auto vending machines, Manufacturing, Automotive Display in Electric Vehicles, the digital videos, video games, and machine tool monitors, GPS, fish finders, POS systems, advanced imaging and colour reproduction technologies, mobile phones, elevator displays, and medical devices etc.

Please view our selection of SAW Touch Panel products below.

Applications of SAW Touch Panels

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